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Looking for Heals now available through Steam Early Access

Keep your motley crew of warriors alive as you heal and resurrect your way through dungeons in Looking for Heals.


Looking for Heals was revealed during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase and then immediately released on Steam Early Access. Developed by Blue Bomber Games, Looking for Heals put you in the role of a healer who is responsible for keeping their party alive.

Head over to the Steam store page to see the Looking for Heals trailer and pick it up!

Looking for Heals is a quirky little game with a unique premise. Instead of playing as a warrior or fighter, or some other common class, you take on the role of the oft-forgotten and neglected healer. As the healer, it is your job to ensure your crew survives its romp through dungeon after dungeon.

The game utilizes a 2D art style and rogue-like mechanics. Presumably, any units that die during your expeditions are replaced in some manner. A few games use this type of party-based system where replacing your squad members is as natural as killing enemies, Darkest Dungeon being a prime example.

The core gameplay involves sending your friends and squad mates out to fight on your behalf as you hang back and cast healing spells. You will also need to resurrect downed members to ensure they keep on fighting. As with all dungeon-like games, Looking for Heals also includes boss fights that are inspired by MMO raids.

It’s not all dungeon-crawling and hacking and slashing, as the game also features a few narrative moments. These story beats focus on problems real-life doctors might face, such as saving a life and ensuring you make the right medical decision.

While no full release date has been announced for Looking for Heals, it is now available through Steam Early Access. This should give players a good indication of the direction that Blue Bomber Games wishes to take their title as well as give players an opportunity to assist in the development process.

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