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Per Aspera announced at PC Gaming Show E3 2019

Colonize Mars in Per Aspera, a new base-building game where terraforming is key to victory.


Per Aspera has been announced at E3 2019 during the PC Gaming Show. Please check out the trailer below, which highlights some of the gameplay and mechanics!

Per Aspera is currently in development by Tlön Industries, an Argentina-based studio. The premise is beautiful in its simplicity: you must terraform Mars. Players must guide AMI, a super intelligent artificial consciousness, as they use technology based on real-life equipment to begin the process of terraforming.

The in-game surface of Mars is based on real charts and information provided by NASA. This will allow players to get a perspective of the red planet that has likely never been seen before in games. The surface of the planet isn’t just to build on, it also contains a great wealth of resources that will be used in the engineering and construction of buildings and technologies.

It’s also not just all building and survival as Per Aspera includes an over-arching narrative. As you play, you will discover hints of previous journeys, of teams that went before you and attempted the very thing you are trying to do.

The press briefing has this to say about the relationship between the player and those who you will encounter:

While alone at first, you will have assistance from your crew in Houston. Forge or test relationships based on your choices—choices that will impact how your own mission concludes.

The whole experience sounds rather intriguing. The best base-building games always have a hook or an angle that really makes them shine. The likes of Frostpunk, with its brutally cold and snowy setting, and Banished, with its strong emphasis on a populations’ health, set some high benchmarks for the city-builder and resource-manager genre. I’m rather excited to see more Per Aspera in the weeks and months to come. While Per Aspera doesn’t have a release date, it does have a release year of 2020.

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