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Chivalry 2 officially revealed at E3 2019 PC Gaming Show

Absurd humor and medieval-era action return in Chivalry 2, the upcoming release from Torn Banner Studios.


PC players tuning into the PC Gaming Show's E3 2019 presentation were given their first ever look at Chivalry 2, the exciting new release from the crew at Torn Banner Games. Showcasing exactly the stort of absurd action series followers have come to expect, the new game was given a fresh trailer and loads of details about what's changed and what's been added in Chivalry 2.

If you're not yet privvy to the core design of the new release, fear not. The newly launched Chivalry 2 website describes the game as "a multiplayer first person slasher inspired by epic medieval movie battles." For those who are already familiar with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, there's good news: The game appears to have lost none of its action or charm.

Among the many features of the new game, aside from its bolstered graphics made possible by Unreal Engine 4, are massive 64-player battles across several different game modes. The combat system has been revamped for heftier weight and more fluid animations, mounted combat has been introduced, and the team has also focused on "enhanced player expression" in order to promote "creativity and roleplaying."

Fans of games that don't take themselves too seriously should also be a fan of Chivalry 2, as the developers themselves are keen on creating fairly comedic circumstances. In fact, the devs went so far as to say that "about half the audience plays our game drunk, and the game has a huge influence from Monty Python as well. [It's] genuinely hilarious; you can beat a man with a chicken while quoting Shakespeare."

Though there's no official release date just yet, the developers at Torn Banner Studios are hoping to release Chivalry 2 sometime in 2020. On PC, the game will launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive. Be sure to keep it tuned to Shacknews' E3 2019 home page for more big news, trailers, and game reveals from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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