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What song is playing in the Gears 5 E3 2019 Escape trailer?

Fans want to know the name of the artist and song playing during the Gears 5 Escape trailer from E3 2019.


Trailers create hype among most gamers, and the Gears 5 trailers shown off at E3 2019 are no different. While we didn’t see gameplay, the trailers still looked cool, and were accompanied by music that is sure to have folks hitting the Google trying to sort out what they’re listening to.

What song was playing in the Gears 5 Escape trailer?

The song playing in the Gears 5 Escape trailer that was shown off at the Xbox E3 2019 press conference today is called Let’s Go (Clean Version) by Trick Daddy. The song also features Twista and Lil Jon. What might have caught the ears of some fans, though, is the small Ozzie Osbourne sample from his 1980 smash hit, Crazy Train. It's always been in the song, but it's obviously very well known and could catch the ears of Ozzie fans. Listen to the first 10 seconds of that song and you’ll hear the same bit that might have caught your attention from the Escape trailer.

The main attraction, though, was Let’s Go by Trick Daddy. The song came out in 2003, so it’s by no means new, but it’s probably not something a lot of younger players recall, thus making it new to them in any case. We’ve embedded the clean version for you to listen to above, but if you want the dirty version, you’ll have to seek it out on your own.

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