E3 2019: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout to release in 2020

The first ever Devolver Direct brought the reveal of a brand-new game called Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, which will release in 2020.


Devolver Digital kicked E3 2019 off in style with a brand-new multiplayer game called Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. With cute character models, and tons of action to be had, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout looks to be a fun and frantic multiplayer experience. During the Devolver Direct on Sunday, June 9, Devolver revealed that Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will release sometime in 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The new game appears to cram 100 players together in a massive race through an obstacle course chock-full of various dangers, traps, and puzzles, all in a bid to claim the crown. It definitely looks like something that would be fun to dive in and play with some pals. Some of the obstacles in place appear to be massive slides, cannons that shoot objects the players, and even possible skateboard rides that force you to work together with others to control them.

Not much is really known about the title just yet, but it is being developed by Media Tonic. The studio has also done work on Yahtzee With Buddies and is also working on the upcoming Gears of War mobile spinoff, Gears Pop. No matter how you slice it, though, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is looking to be one heck of a treat in the same vein as games like Human Fall Flat and Gang Beasts. It’s definitely one to keep your ear to the ground about.

We’ll continue to do our part and keep an eye out for more information on Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. We suspect we’ll hear more about it from Devolver Digital in the future, and we can’t wait to see a bit more of the action at is plays out. For a full list of all the video game release dates in 2019, head over to our handy guide. You can also keep our main E3 2019 hub open, where you’ll find a slew of great interviews and behind the scenes content to help you make the most of this year’s E3.

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