Madden 20 gameplay footage premieres at EA Play 2019

The storied football franchise is back this year with new updates and an all-new cinematic story mode called Face of the Franchise.


The release of a new Madden game each year has become an unofficial signal that the new slate of fall game releases has begun. For this year’s version of the game, EA has a variety of new improvements and enhancements to the classic formula. The highlight of the experience is expected to be the new cinematic story mode known as Face of the Franchise. EA gave fans the first-ever look at gameplay and this new story mode during its EA Play 2019 presentation.

Face of the Franchise follows a rookie quarterback through a full NFL career. Much like MLB The Show’s Road to the Show mode, Face of the Franchise will offer a path to football immortality through cinematic cutscenes, dialogue options, and on-field action. This mode will be supplanting the Longshot mode, which first appeared in Madden 18, then made a disappointing return for Madden 19. For Madden 20, the development team hopes that Face of the Franchise will offer NFL diehards that story mode they’ve always dreamed of.

Fans of EA’s now defunct NCAA Football franchise will be happy to see that the Face of the Franchise mode begins with your player kicking things off during the College Football Playoff and will feature a variety of the nation's biggest college programs, including Texas, Florida, LSU, Oklahoma, and Clemson.

Pat Mahomes is the cover athlete for Madden 20.
Pat Mahomes is the cover athlete for Madden 20.

As with most years, EA is promising improvements to the franchise mode. Series die hards are known to spend most of their time in this mode, so the new additions to character development should make those players happy. Ultimate Team players will also find a lot to like in Madden 20 with the addition of Superstar Abilities and a mission system. The mission system will help guide MUT newbies through the daunting task of acclimating to the trading card game.

Stick with Shacknews to keep up on the latest Madden 20 news and information. Hopefully Madden 20 cover boy Pat Mahomes will be able to avoid the dreaded Madden Curse.

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