Battlefield 5 hits the Pacific Theater this fall - EA Play 2019

DICE revealed that Battlefield 5 will take players to a reimagined map of Iwo Jima, as well as other locations in the Pacific Theater of war this fall during the studio's segment of EA Play 2019.


Today, EA and DICE revealed a lot about their upcoming plans for Battlefield 5. Not only will Chapter 4 kick off later this month—around June 27—but fans can also look forward to a trip to the Pacific Theater of War later this year.

Set to arrive this fall, Battlefield 5 will feature a chapter that focuses solely on the Pacific Theater of War, more specifically around iconic locations like Iwo Jima, and other well-known scenes of battle in the Pacific Ocean Theater of World War 2. Not much is known about the new map aside from the fact that it will be a completely reimagined version of it. They did show off some concept art, which shows off a war-torn piece of the island itself.

Battlefield 5 hits the Pacific Theater this fall - EA Play 2019
A first look at the Pacific Theater of war in Battlefield 5.

No specific release date was given for the update, though there was talk of several other big pieces of content coming to Battlefield 5 in the months leading up to it. Most notably was Operation Underground, a new map inspired by the original Operation Metro from Battlefield 3. Players will also see a update to the max rank, bringing it from 50 to 500, giving you plenty of room to level up and progress.

If you’re a fan of the Battlefield series, then you definitely have a good bit of content to look forward to later this year. We’ll continue to keep an eye out on things to see how DICE and EA continue to evolve the series.

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