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Where was Google Stadia at E3 2019?

Google's upcoming streaming platform was noticeably absent from E3 this year, bringing many to ask where was Google Stadia at E3 2019?


Google Stadia was originally announced back in March of 2019. Promising to bridge the world between expensive hardware and enjoying video games, Google Stadia aims to give users a way to play their favorite games on any Google Chrome enabled device. With so much left unknown about the streaming service, many were sure that Google would make an appearance at E3 2019 to show off Stadia’s capabilities. Unfortunately, the streaming platform was absent from the show this year, leading many to wonder where Google Stadia was.

Where was Google Stadia at E3 2019?

While many might have expected Google to make an appearance at E3 2019, it’s really not that surprising that the streaming service was notably absent from this year’s proceedings. In fact, some might even say that it was pointless for Google to make an appearance with Stadia at the show, as they had already revealed much of the information that users needed to know the week before E3 kicked off.

Where was Google Stadia at E3 2019?
Google Stadia was originally revealed in March of 2019, with more details following the week before E3.

On June 6, Google held the very first Google Stadia Connect, where the tech giant revealed pricing information, an upcoming release window, and even talked about the way that the service would work via two possible subscription plans. You can, of course, check out more of that information by heading over to our Google Stadia hub, where we’ll continue to provide news and other info about the streaming platform.

Google Stadia might have been absent from E3 2019, but we already have everything we need to know. To preorder Google Stadia, or just to learn more about the service, you can also head over to the official Google Store Page. You’ll also want to return to our E3 2019 hub for any important announcements you might have missed throughout E3, as well as to read out hands-on impressions on some of the hottest games coming out this year.

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