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Where to find Fortbyte #69 in Fortnite

Learn how to find Fortbyte #69 in a stone pig building in Fortnite Season 9.


Fortnite Season 9 introduced a new type of collectible for players. These new items, called Fortbytes, are small pieces of a much larger puzzle that players have been slowly uncovering over the past few weeks. The latest Fortbyte to appear is Fortbye #69, and this guide will show players where to find Fortbye #69 in Fortnite.

Where to find Fortbye #69 in Fortnite

To find this Fortbyte, players are going to need to make their way to a stone pig building. For any who have been playing since Season 8, the stone pig is a structure added to Fortnite in Season 8. This particular building can be found down near Lucky Landing and is a prime location for many challenges in Fortnite’s various weekly challenges.

Where to find Fortbyte #69 in Fortnite
Head southeast of Lucky Landing to find the stone pig structure.

To find the Fortbye, hop out of the Battle Bus and make a direct beeline for the Lucky Landing area. Located just to the southeast of the town, this stone structure rests atop a hill. You’ll want to either land on top of the structure or build your way to the roof. From here, break your way inside to claim Fortbyte #69. Unlike previous Fortbytes we’ve seen, you won’t need any special sprays, emotes, or other cosmetics to unlock this particular collectible. Collecting the Fortbyte will unlock another piece of the long-running puzzle you can view at anytime in your challenges tab.

Now that you’ve collected this Fortbyte, you can continue your trek to collect the others. Week 5 of Season 9 kicks off on Thursday, June 6, so make sure you’re ready for whatever weekly challenges appear. You can always return to our Fortnute guides hub to see more information on the most difficult challenges that players need to conquer. You can also head over and follow Shacknews on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with all of our content, including news coverage, strategy guides, long reads, and interviews.

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