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Pokemon Sword and Shield debuts Wooloo, Gossifleur, and more

Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Pokemon include newcomers Wooloo, Gossifleur, Corviknight, and more.


Several new aspects of Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed during today's Pokemon-themed Direct presentation, including some of the Pokemon you'll meet during your journey. In addition to the Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta, a handful of other new Pokemon were shown off during the video.

Some of the upcoming Pokemon specific to the Galar region will include Gossifleur, the Flowering Pokemon. It prefers land with clear water and air and produces pollen with a healing effect that's commonly used in folk medicine. It can travel across long distances by being floated along by the wind. It evolves into Eldegoss, the Cotton Bloom Pokemon. When Gossifleur evolves, its head is covered in thick cotton that helps to act as a cushion to protect its delicate head from taking damage. Its seeds are nutritious and beneficial for both Pokemon and humans.

Wooloo is a Sheep Pokemon covered in snow white fur. Even when completely shorn, the fur will grow back all the way in just three months. Wooloo fur is used for various clothing, carpets, and other goods and in various exports from the Galar region.

Corviknight, the Raven Pokemon, is said to be one of the strongest Pokemon living in the Galar skies. It can send Pokemon running with just a glare and a cry, and is excellent at flying, navigating the skies. For this reason, it's used by the company Galar Taxi as part of a flying transport fleet to help people transport from one town to another.

Drednaw, the Bite Pokemon, has jagged fangs that can bite through rock and iron. It has a heavy shell and well-developed muscles to help it get around quickly. Drednaw are known as being very aggressive, and apparently some trainers will release their Drednaw into the wild if they realize they can't handle it.

These Pokemon and more will be waiting for trainers to discover in the Galar region when Pokemon Sword and Shield debut on Nintendo Switch on November 15. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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