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New Mac Pro can run Logic with 1000 audio tracks and VSTs

Apple showed off the capabilities of the new Mac Pro by running Logic with 1,000 audio tracks and VSTs active all at once.


The new Mac Pro was announced during today’s WWDC 2019 conference to much applause from the attending crowd. As the conference wore on, Apple was thorough in showing off the performance and overall capabilities of the new Mac Pro. One way they did this was by bringing up Logic, Apple’s professional music creation tool, and showcasing how the new Mac Pro handles 1,000 audio tracks and VSTs, all active in a project at one time.

New Mac Pro can run Logic with 1000 audio tracks and VSTs
The new Mac Pro.

Featuring the new Mac Pro Expansion Module (or MPX), the new Mac Pro is by far the most powerful Mac that Apple has ever created. In previous pieces of hardware, Logic users have found themselves limited by the amount of audio tracks and VSTs (or plugins) that they could use at a single time. Now, though, with the new options available in the Mac Pro, users can edit music in Logic with almost three times the tracks and VSTs as before.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the new specs for the Mac Pro? Here’s what we know so far:

  • Intel Xeon processor
    • 8-core default
    • Up to 28 cores total
  • 2933MHz ECC8 memory
    • 32GB default
    • Up to 1.5 terabytes of totalsystem memory
  • Thundberbolt port x2
  • 3.0 USB-A port x2
  • 10-gigabit ethernet port x2
  • 300-watt power supply (fanless)
    • up to 1.4kW total power throughput (with MDX)
  • Quiet airflow with three intake fans

As you can see, the specs speak for themselves in terms of capability, and the new Mac Pro will give music creators all the tools and power that they need to bring their creations to life. For more information on the new Mac Pro, or any of the other things that Apple discussed today, be sure to head back over to our WWDC 2019 hub. You can also follow Shacknews on Twitter for all the latest news on your timeline.

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