Apple announces Sign in with Apple at WWDC 2019

Apple continues to push privacy with Sign in with Apple, a new way to sign in to apps that allows you to protect all of your information.


Privacy is a huge concern for people in this day and age, especially when it comes to browsing the internet. If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the web, then chances are you’ve run into a “sign in with Facebook” or “sign in with Google” prompt. Using these options can be convenient, but it also opens up your information to third-party groups which can sometimes sell it off or badger you with constant emails. Now, Apple is looking to cut down on that with "sign in with Apple", a new program they just announced at WWDC 2019.

Apple announces Apple Sign-in at WWDC 2019
Apple uses false emails to relay information from third-parties to keep your email information private.

Apple has always been a big stickler for privacy and protecting the privacy of its users. With “sign in with Apple”, users would be able to sign into applications using their Apple ID. This would in-turn create a randomized email address for the application, that way you don’t have to release your actual email address to any third-party groups you don’t trust. On top of this, the randomized email address will always forward directly to your main Apple address, which allows you to still receive important news and information about your accounts, should you need it.

For those worried about being spammed by third-party apps, Apple has also allowed users that make use of the “sign in with Apple” feature the ability to disable one of their randomized email address at any point, effectively shutting down any communication line that a third-party app might have with them if the need arises. It’s a really nifty feature that looks to create a solid solution to privacy concerns, and Apple has assured users that the API itself will be easy for developers to set up in their applications.

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