Sound Tracking & activity trends announced for Apple Watch

As announced at WWDC 2019, Apple Watch users can now make use of several Health functions like Sound and Cycle Tracking to monitor activity trends and more.


A new suite of Health-related functions are landing on Apple Watch and watchOS 6. As announced in the recent WWDC 2019 presentation, activity tracking with the Watch has been bolstered thanks to new functions that show health monitoring statistics in real time, including the option to track local sound as well as menstrual Cycle Tracking.

The latest suite of activity trends includes most of the options familiar to Health users on iOS. Announced at the Apple WWDC 2019 presentation, users can now get at-a-glance information regarding real-time health tracking, including the option for notifications that encourage them to stand up and take a walk, or adjust their health goals as needed.

This functionality extends to Sound Monitoring, which can listen to ambient noise and alert users when sound levels reach the point of becoming a concern for hearing health. Essentially, it's a decibel-o-meter for your watch, which is great not only for sound safety, but also as a potent distraction as well as a tool to display audio system capabilities.

Apple Watch Sound Tracking Cycle activity trends WWDC 2019
A new host of activity trends and monitoring tools land in watchOS 6.

At last, women also now have a way to track their menstrual cycles through the Health app. The new Cycle Tracking application has been made available on watchOS 6, with the usual host of up-front notification and monitoring. Even better, Cycle Tracking will also be made available for iOS, bringing in-depth tracking to all iPhone users.

Of course, Apple is committed to its policy to minimize security and data tracking concerns, reiterating that the small amount of data that the apps need to host is encrypted and stored in Apple cloud servers.

With news from the latest WWDC 2019 keynote presentation, Apple is continuing to shake up the world of iPhone, iOS, and the Apple Watch. Be sure to stay on top of the latest breakout news and presentation highlights by sliding over to the Modojo @ Shacknews home page.

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