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Risk of Rain 2 Rusted Key - Unlock Rusty Lockbox

Find out how the Rusted Key in Risk of Rain 2 works, including how to find its corresponding Rusty Lockbox and claim the loot inside.


Confused about the Rusted Key in Risk of Rain 2? As opposed to most items in the game, the Rusted Key is used exclusively to open Rusty Lockboxes hidden somewhere in each level. Read on to learn more about how Rusted Keys work in Risk of Rain 2 and how to identify and locate a corresponding Rusty Lockbox.

Risk of Rain 2 Rusted Key | How to open Rusty Lockbox

The Rusted Key is one of the most unique items in Risk of Rain 2. As opposed to offering new defensive or offensive possibilities, the Rusted Key's sole purpose is to open Rusty Lockboxes. Interestingly, the unlocking effect stacks to increase the rarity of the item found within the chest. Instead of five keys opening five chests, all five Rusted Keys are used (but not consumed) when opening a single Rusty Lockbox.

Risk of Rain 2 Rusted Key item log book entry

With that said, players may have trouble opening Rusty Lockboxes primarily because they're not always easy to find. They don't carry the same blue hue that other chests do, and they're not always sitting out in the open. However, after finding a Rusted Key, a Rusty Lockbox should spawn on every stage thereafter. Considering that keys are not spent when opening lockboxes, players would be wise to keep their eyes peeled for Rusty Lockboxes hidden around the area, especially if they've managed to collect more than a few keys.

Risk of Rain 2 Rusted Key Rusty Lockbox screenshot

Considering that Rusted Keys are a random drop from chests, the hardest part about opening Rusty Lockboxes will be finding them. They're plain in appearance, showing up as dark-toned boxes hidden somewhere in the area. The biggest indicator of when a Rusty Lockbox has been found will be when the unlock prompt appears, such as in the screenshot above.

The Rusted Key in Risk of Rain 2 is an oddball, as it won't overtly help players take out any more enemies. Instead, it gives them the chance to play risk versus reward, collecting more keys in the hopes of opening a Rusty Lockbox with a rare or legendary item inside. To learn more about Hopoo Games' hot roguelike release, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Risk of Rain 2 home page.

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