Schnapple gets Romero's SIGIL Doom Megawad to run on iOS

John Romero's SIGIL, the megawad for the original Doom, has been ported over to iOS thanks to the intrepid work of legendary Shacker Schnapple.


One of the great things about classic FPS Doom is that it can be run on just about anything. However, beyond calculators or bespoke portable systems, people are more likely to play the game on-the-go using their mobile phones. Luckily, elite Shacknews Chatty crew member Schnapple has ported the game over to iOS himself, and more recently has updated his iOS offerings to run SIGIL, the newly launched Doom megawad.

Speaking in a blog post over on his website, Schnapple plays down his considerable talent and admirable dedication, remaining humble about the effort it took to make SIGIL available on iOS devices:

"There’s not a whole lot to it, since SIGIL takes the form of a WAD file it was mostly just adding additional targets in Xcode with some tweaks and some fun with logos," he said. "I basically did it in a day or so. I’m still working on a new project that I’m not ready to unveil yet (and I’m not sure I can even get it working/finished yet) so I figured dash out something quick."

Image credits and glory via Schnapple
Image credits and glory via Schnapple

For those who maybe haven't heard about it, SIGIL is essentially a massive *.wad file (commonly referred to as a megawad) that works for the original release of Doom. It's a bit like a DLC expansion, except it isn't paid — it was created by John Romero himself as a free release, though dedicated players could opt for a premium paid package if they so choose.

This new megawad is also the basis of David Craddock's latest Shacknews Long Read. Readers can dive into the history of the game and the creation of SIGIL by checking out Icon of Sin: Doom and the Making of John Romero's SIGIL.

Because he's awesome, Schnapple has provided his source for Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, and now SIGIL for iOS and tvOS over on Github. Check it out, let us know what you think of SIGIL, and find Schnapple in the Chatty and express your gratitude for his latest efforts.

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