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Romero's free Sigil Doom Megawad now available to download

Check out Sigil, the latest Doom Megawad from John Romero today, because it's always a good time to rip and tear.


Can't wait to get your hands on more Doom? No more patience is needed, young padawan. You can now download the fifth episode for free right now. Sigil is here, and it's gorier than ever.

Sigil packs nine new Doom levels into this megawad, with some decadent demon slaughtering, plenty of juicy MIDI music, and lots of reasons to return to this FPS classic – as if you needed one.

For more on Sigil and the process that went into bringing it to fruition, be sure to check out Icon of Sin: Doom and the Making of John Romero's Sigil, our long read exploring the game's development.

Here's a brief taste:

"Doom is widely considered to be id Software’s opus. That makes Sigil, the game’s unofficial fifth episode, all the more special. Due for release as a free download in the spring of 2019, Sigil features nine levels, all designed top to bottom by Romero.

Icon of Sin charts the steps Romero walked to return to designing maps for Doom after a quarter century away, and features interviews with some of the individuals who teamed with him to give Sigil an extra shine."

Ready to get your hands on some viciously violent Doom carnage? Be sure to download Sigil and come back to let us know what you think of it. 

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