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Nintendo Switch eShop servers down for maintenance

The Nintendo Switch servers and eShop occasionally go down for planned maintenance. Find out when players can expect the Nintendo servers and services to come back online.


As with any online-based service, the Nintendo eShop and servers sometimes go down for maintenance, blocking players from accessing new games, demos, and downloads. Nintendo is generally good about notifying players of any kind of anticipated server outage, and as with most planned maintenance, the eShop and other online functionality shouldn't be down for very long. Here's how long players can expect the eShop to be down and when game servers will come back online.

Nintendo eShop maintenance | Current server status

Like with any online infrastructure, planned server down time is all part of general maintenance. Nintendo game servers, including those that form the back-end of the eShop, typically only go down when Nintendo needs to change or update something, and the company typically provides updates on planned outages over on the Nintendo Network Status website.

In addition to providing an outline of the operational status of various Nintendo services, this website primarily serves to let fans know whether the network servers are up or down. Further down the page, users can look ahead toward planned maintenance times.

Nintendo eShop maintenance - Switch servers down time
Don't worry, Nintendo servers don't usually stay down for long.

The latest Nintendo server maintenance down time is planned for May 30, 2019, starting at 5:50 p.m. Pacific time — that's 8:50 p.m. Eastern time or 12:50 a.m. GMT. The maintenance is only planned to take a total of 100 minutes, meaning services should be back online at 7:30 p.m. Pacific. Beyond that, there's also planned maintenance on the Nintendo Network ID services on Monday, June 3, around the afternoon hours.

Nintendo eShop maintenance and general server outages can certainly be annoying, but it's good to know that Nintendo provides updates on planned maintenance. Through the company's server status page, Switch players can at least anticipate when server down time is coming and make plans accordingly. We recommend filling the down time by catching up with the latest in Switch gaming trends by heading over to Shacknews' Nintendo Switch homepage.

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