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Where to get more fuel in Void Bastards

Keep the engines running by knowing where to find fuel in Void Bastards.


You’re going to need to get a lot of fuel if you want to jet around the Sargasso nebula in Void Bastards. Every jump you make is going to consume one point of fuel, and the last thing you want is to have to drift from location to location. Luckily for you, there are things you can do to increase the amount of fuel you receive and improve your chances of finding fuel.

Where to get more fuel

Void Bastards fuel
The FTL rooms in Void Bastards always have a couple of fuel canisters.

Finding fuel in Void Bastards isn’t too difficult. In fact, most ships will have at least one or two fuel canisters in their FTL rooms. For this reason, if you’re running low on it and are aiming for a ship further down the line, board a ship you’re near and race to the FTL room.

Void Bastards fuel star map
Fuel is littered around the star map in Void Bastards, as are other caches of supplies.

Another way to get more fuel is to find it on the star map. While most of the nodes on the map are ships (or sometimes asteroids and bombs), there are also caches of fuel that can be found. These caches are highlighted by a canister that when landed on rewards a random amount of the gas.

Void Bastards more fuel
Certain ships have rooms where you can request supplies like fuel!

Fuel can also be requested from certain ship types, specifically the CNT Tax Boats. These large ships always have a central area with paper flying around the room. However, the most important part of this room lies at the very center: three giant tubes going out into space. At the base of these tubes are three switches, interacting with them delivers a specific item directly to your ship. Find the lever responsible for fuel and pull it to get an instant refill. This is also an excellent way to get more food.

Finally, you can also ensure each new client starts with more fuel by purchasing the Travel Subsidy and then upgrading it to the Travel Rort. Each of these items increases the amount of fuel a client starts with, maxing out at 4 units. Though not much, it’s enough to get you a few jumps stress-free.

Getting more fuel in Void Bastards isn’t incredibly challenging. In fact, the only time you might run out is if you’re gunning for a location further down the line and really don’t want to stop. If you find yourself completely out of fuel, you can just drift to the next location. Now that the tank is full, check out all the weapons and gear you can craft in Void Bastards!

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