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Death Stranding Special & Collector's Edition preorder bonuses

Learn the differences between the Death Stranding Special Edition and Collector's Edition, including all real-world and digital bonuses.


Death Stranding has finally been given a release date, and the folks at Kojima Productions have a couple of special editions of the game ready for preorder. While the standard edition of Death Stranding will offer access to all the Kojima-branded absurdity we know and love, the Special, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Editions of the game offer a few bonuses to players with coin to spare.

Death Stranding Special Edition differences | Special, Digital Deluxe, & Collector's Edition

Alongside the Death Stranding release date trailer and reveal, the developers at Kojima Productions have also provided the first details about the game's various special editions. Here are the bonuses and pre-order goodies offered through each of the editions of Death Stranding as outlined through the Playstation Blog.

Death Stranding Standard Edition

Death Stranding Standard Edition preorder bonuses
Death Stranding Standard Edition

For a standard price of $60, players can pick up the Death Stranding standard edition either as a physical retail release or as a digital download. Assuming players place a preorder, they'll gain access to the game's preorder bonus content, offering in-game items including the Gold "Sam" Sunglasses, Gold Armor Plate, Gold Hat, and Gold Speed Skeleton.

Death Stranding Special Edition

Death Stranding Special Edition differences preorder bonuses
Death Stranding Special Edition

For $70, the Special Edition of Death Stranding includes only one physical bonus: A custom steelbook case. Aside from the preorder bonuses listed above, the Special Edition also comes with two digital bonuses: The Gold "Ludens Mask" sunglasses (in-game item) as well as a digital copy of the Death Stranding: Timefall music album.

Death Stranding Digital Deluxe Edition

Death Stranding Digital Deluxe edition differences preorder bonuses
Death Stranding Digital Deluxe Edition

Also costing $70, the Death Stranding Digital Deluxe Edition is the pack of choice for digital downloaders. Preorders are eligible for all of the aforementioned bonuses, and the Digital Deluxe edition notably includes the digital copy of Death Stranding: Timefall as well as four in-game items, three of them exclusive to this package: The Gold Power Skeleton, the Gold Armor Plate (Lvl. 2), the Gold "Ludens Mask" Sunglasses, and the Gold All-Terrain Skeleton.

Death Stranding Collector's Edition

Death Stranding Collector's Edition diffferences preorder bonuses
Death Stranding Collector's Edition

Finally, at $200, the Death Stranding Collector's Edition is the bundle of choice for diehard Kojima fans. Offering all of the digital preorder bonuses featured in other bundles, the Collector's Edition notably includes a "life-sized" BB Pod Statue, a BRIDGES Cargo Case, and a nifty little Ludens keychain. Given that it's a physical-only bundle, the full version of the game included also comes in its own custom steelbook case.

The Death Stranding Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Collector's Edition are all slated to release on November 8. Players can scoop up all of the extra bonuses and goodies by placing a preorder through the usual retailers — Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon. For more coverage of Kojima Productions' upcoming game, be sure to head over to Shacknews' Death Stranding home page.

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