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Is Void Bastards coming to Nintendo Switch?

Void Bastards is on Xbox One and PC, but there are those who want to play it on the go on a Nintendo Switch.


Void Bastards is now available on Xbox One and PC, but some players want to know if Blue Manchu’s latest title is coming to Nintendo Switch. In a day and age where the likes of Doom finds its home on the Switch, surely Void Bastards will be coming to Nintendo’s mighty handheld device?

Is Void Bastards coming to Nintendo Switch?

There are currently no plans to bring Void Bastards to the Nintendo Switch. However, with the recent cooperation between Microsoft and Nintendo, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. In fact, considering Microsoft’s brutally challenging Cuphead made its way to the Switch, there’s all the more reason that Void Bastards could make the jump.

This assumption is based on Microsoft looking to extend the reach of Xbox Live. The online service has been a massive success for the company since its launch way back in 2002. Since then, millions of users have connected across the world to share their hobby of gaming.

Before GDC this year, Microsoft revealed iOS and Android will be receiving Xbox Live support. This is in an attempt to, “Unite the two billion gamers,” Microsoft CVP of Gaming Cloud, Kareem Choudhry commented.

In the event Microsoft is able to bring Xbox Live to the Nintendo Switch, it’s also possible they might bring Xbox Game Pass across, too. The reason this is important is that Void Bastards is currently on the Xbox Game Pass catalogue!

With Microsoft planning on bringing Xbox Live to more devices, Cuphead already on the Nintendo Switch, and cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch already enabled with numerous games, it’s definitely possible Void Bastards could wind up on the Switch.

But, until official word of Void Bastards’ release is made, the only place you can play Blue Manchu’s BioShock-inspired title is on PC or Xbox One. For now though, you can at least check out the Shacknews Void Bastards review, where I had this to say about it:

Void Bastards is both visually striking and incredibly funny. From the moment you start it, you know precisely the type of ride you’re in for. Any game that includes a Distended Testicle as a crafting item is sure to be a winner.

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