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Pokemon Quest coming to China with PvP and social systems

Mobile game Pokemon Quest is coming to China with added features like PvP and social options.


During the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference, the Pokémon team announced plans to bring more of the Pokemon world to another area of the world: China. 

Since the announcement that Pokemon Quest would be making its way to China earlier this month, over 1.7 million player ended up pre-registering for the game. This marks the first mobile Pokemon game in China, and developer NetEase is currently working alongside The Pokemon Company to ensure additional games are brought in. But it's not just the plain vanilla version of the game that's coming to China.

As part of this special initiative, The Pokemon Company will be bringing an expanded version of the popular mobile title  to the country, along with expanded feature like PvP and social features for fans to enjoy together. 

Pokemon Quest is a relatively streamlined adventure when compared to other Pokemon titles, however, with a lack of a main "campaign" to defeat the Elite Four, no way to capture Pokemon like you'd normally be able to, and no regular Pokemon trainers to face off against. Instead, you explore the world of Tumblecube Island with strange, boxy Pokemon that you befriend along the way. You'll cook different items attract Pokemon and bring them to your base camp, then invite them along with you for your various expeditions, all to be used in combat against others with a touch-based battle system.

For anyone who hasn't played Pokemon Quest, know that it's a sight different than the regular Pokemon games you may be used to. There's a big focus placed on collecting items and journeying throughout the game with your Pokemon buddies. But it's nothing compared to the upcoming Pokemon Sleep project, which Nintendo is working with The Pokemon Company to debut, which will let you capture Pokemon while you sleep. Details are scant about that right now, but we can't wait to see what comes down the pipeline. 

Either way, welcome to the party, China!

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