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Pokemon GO celebrates Sleep with sleeping Snorlax

Sleep is where Snorlax is a viking and now Pokemon GO players can catch the sleeping Snorlax for a limited time.


Tuesday evening's Pokemon presentation continued with the reveal of what's next for mobile gaming sensation Pokemon GO. This will tie in to the announcement of Pokemon Sleep. And if anyone thinks of Pokemon and Sleep, there's a particular Pokemon that comes to mind. Yes, they're talking about Snorlax.

To celebrate the announcement of Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon GO players will start to discover increased instances of sleeping Snorlax around the world. Snorlax are particularly rare encounters throughout the game and don't appear everyday, so the fact that they're going to pop up more frequently is going to appeal greatly to veteran Pokemon GO players. Snorlax is a heavy Normal-type Pokemon and the bulkiest Pokemon in the game's universe. He may be a heavy napper, but he's also incredibly powerful when using Normal-type moves like Hyper Beam and Body Slam.

The Pokemon GO website has all the details on when and where trainers can find their sleeping Snorlax. It'll stay asleep throughout the player encounter, allowing for plenty of photo opportunities. There isn't much time to find this big guy catching some sleep in the wild, though. It'll only be available from now through Monday, June 3 at 1PM PT. Catching a sleeping Snorlax will be worthwhile, as it'll know the exclusive move Yawn.

If you want even more lazy Pokemon during your morning and evening jogs, keep in mind that sloth Pokemon Slakoth is set to get its day in the sun very soon with the next Pokemon GO Community Day.

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