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League of Legends gets 4 months of Twitch Prime loot

The developers at Riot Games have paired with Amazon to offer four months of League of Legends loot to all Twitch Prime subscribers.


Four months of League of Legends loot is landing in Twitch Prime. Thanks to a new partnership between parent company Amazon and the developers at Riot Games, Twitch Prime subscribers will be able to access 16 full weeks worth of content in League of Legends, and it all starts today with the release of the free Rift Herald's Capsule.

The free Twitch Prime content coming to League of Legends is comprised of four separate bundles that will release every 30 days. The first, the Rift Herald's Capsule, has already released and is available now. The remaining three are the Red Buff's Capsule, Blue Buff's Capsule, and Baron's Capsule.

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In a press release, the crew state that the "final capsule contains a random Permanent Legendary Skin, in addition to another random Skin Shard and exclusive Emote." Even if players miss the previous bundles, they'll want to pick up the last specifically for the Legendary skin. However, they'll need to at least grab this first Rift Herald's Capsule in order to enroll in the promotion.

Speaking in the aforementioned release, Twitch Prime director Larry Plotnick said that the deal with Riot Games represents exactly the kind of opportunity the team hopes to offer fans.

“League of Legends has been one of the most-watched games on Twitch for years, and partnering with Riot to offer four months’ worth of League of Legends loot to members is the kind of amazing content we get really excited about,” Plotnick said. “We’re striving to make Prime the absolute best deal in gaming, and we’re off to a big start in 2019—we’ve already offered our members more than $900 worth of games and content this year. And that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned, because there’s a lot more goodness coming this summer.”

To claim the latest League of Legends Twitch Prime bundle, head over to Twitch's League of Legends page and start enjoying the free loot. Just be sure to grab the first capsule before August 28 in order to be eligible for the final Legendary skin. For the rest of your LoL needs, hit up Shacknews' League of Legends home page.

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