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Arma 3 Contact spin-off expansion announced, arriving July

Bohemia Interactive explores the unknown in Arma 3 Contact, a new spin-off expansion arriving in July.


Yesterday, Bohemia Interactive revealed Arma 3 Contact, a brand-new spin-off expansion that blends the series’ realitistic military combat with science fiction as mankind makes first contact with extraterrestrial life. The expansion introduces a new region, weapons, and two new factions.

You can check out the announcement trailer for the expansion above. In Contact, players will take on the role of Specialist Aiden Rudwell, a NATO drone operator that is taking part in a training exercise in Livonia. Unfortunately, things go awry when a humongous alien ship enters the atmosphere. Rudwell then becomes part of a team tasked with investigating the alien vessel and discover who the beings inside it are, why they are here, and what they want.

It’s not a new idea, but it definitely looks like it will come with the usual flair that Arma 3 operations bring to the table. The Arma series has always delivered exceptional military combat in a simulation world, and Arma 3 Contact appears to do the same, just with a bit of a twist added in to make things interesting. The entire new region includes 163 km2 and will provide players with three new multiplayer scenarios as well.

Arma 3 Contact spin-off expansion announced, arriving July

Other features coming to the expansion include two new factions to fight against, as well as five new weapons, 2 new vehicles, a ton of new gear (including a tin foil hat), and a good bit of free bonus content. The new weapons included are the Promet Assault Rifle, RPK-12 Light Machine Gun, AKU-12 Carbine, Mk14 Classic Hunting Rifle, and the Kozlice Shotgun.

If you want to learn more about Arma 3 Contact, be sure to head over to the official website. Arma 3 Contact is currently slated to release on July 25 and is available to preorder right now for roughly $25.19 (10% off at the time of this writing).

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