Final Fantasy 14 has amassed over 16 million players

Final Fantasy 14, the sprawling MMO, has garnered over 16 million players worldwide.


Final Fantasy 14 fans can’t be stopped. Alongside details about the upcoming Shadowbringers DLC, Square Enix also revealed that Final Fantasy 14 has surpassed 16 million players worldwide. The news come via livestream on May 24, where the developers detailed the upcoming DLC’s release date and the changes coming with the new expansion.

If you haven’t kept up with Final Fantasy 14, then there’s a lot to catch up on. Shadowbringers is the third major expansion to make its way to the MMO. Set to release on July 2, Shadowbringers will carry with it a number of big changes including updates to the FATE system, side quests, and the addition of role quests. There will also be some big adjustments to the job synergy as well as some rebalancing overall.

You can check out the video we’ve included above to see some of the job actions that are coming with the Shadowbringers DLC. The upcoming expansion will be the first time that Warriors of Light will be able to travel the rift between worlds and become Warriors of Darkness as they fight to restore the night and save the world for the Flood of Light. New features include the Dancer and Gunbreaker jobs, as well as two new races, a higher level cap, new raids, and even new areas to explore.

Final Fantasy 14 has amassed over 16 million players as we near Shadowbringers release
Final Fantasy 14 has amassed over 16 million players as we near the Shadowbringers expansion's release.

You can learn more about the big update by heading over to the Square Enix store. You can also download the brand new Shadowbringers benchmark, which will allow you to create a character and test out some things before the DLC releases. According to Square Enix, any characters created in the benchmark can be ported over to the final version of the expansion, so take some time to create your hero as soon as you can, so that you’re ready for the final release in July.

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