Slay the Spire scores June release date on Nintendo Switch

Mega Crit's deckbuilding, dungeon crawler mashup makes its way to Nintendo Switch this June.


Video games have seen a ton of mashups over the years, with developers taking bits and pieces from several genres and combining them into one big pile of goop. Sometimes this plan has worked out, while other times have been not so successful. Slay the Spire, a deckbuilding, dungeon crawler from indie developer Mega Crit falls in the former category. The game does a great job of balancing its mechanics and features into an action-packed experience that will soon be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve been waiting on Slay the Spire to jump to the Nintendo Switch boat, then you won’t have to wait much longer. Slay the Spire will release on Nintendo Switch June 6, allowing you to take the action with you anywhere, whether it be bus, train, plane, or automobile.

Slay the Spire scores June release date on Nintendo Switch
Slay the Spire features an in-depth deckbuilding system.

The news comes via an official blog post on the Slay the Spire Steam page, where the developers have done their best to keep the community up to date. There’s still no word of if or when we can expect a mobile port of the game—which many have asked for. Still, though, having the ability to play Slay the Spire on the go with the Nintendo Switch is a huge step.

I reviewed Slay the Spire back in January when it released. In the review I praised the game’s deckbuilding and replayability, stating, “There is a lot to like about Slay the Spire and Mega Crit have done a fantastic job of blending deckbuilding with the replayability of a rogue-like. It’s this unique mash-up that really helps to bring the game world to life, and while there isn’t much story or lore to be found throughout, the world feels alive enough to keep you engrossed and playing through it again and again, no matter how many times you die or manage to beat the final boss.”

You can, of course, check out the full review to hear more of my thoughts, and be sure to mark June 6 on your calendar so that you don’t miss out on the release of Slay the Spire on the Nintendo Switch.

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