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GOG Galaxy 2.0 enters beta with new friend list features

GOG Galaxy 2.0 seeks to unite player bases of all stripes, regardless of whether they're Steam users, Epic users, or even console users.


It's been a little less than five years since first unveiled its GOG Galaxy client. The client has grown in substantial ways over that time, with the folks at gradually adding convenient new features. Now it's ready to take the next big step forward, with announcing that Galaxy is about to reach 2.0 with new features that take aim at both the PC and console player.

GOG Galaxy 2.0

The GOG Galaxy client has essentially been rebuilt to work better with third-party platforms, such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. Beyond that, it'll also be possible to sync the client with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One libraries to help manage them. While users won't be able to launch those console games, they will be able to organize them, keep track of progress, tag them, and utilize other statistics. Users will be able to filter and customize their gaming libraries as they see fit, while also importing friends list from those same various clients. The friends list will show the GOG Galaxy user what their colleagues are up to and allow them to chat, even if they're on entirely different platforms. These friend list features are set to be implemented to the GOG Galaxy client soon.

The new client will also retain several legacy features, such as cloud saving, the in-game overlay, multiplayer matchmaking, and the ability to roll back games to previous versions.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is pledging that it will not share personal data with third parties under any circumstances. Users also have the option to remove imported games and friend data from GOG servers at any time. Understandably, some might be wary of using this type of client, regardless, which is why is continuing to insist that the client is not required for DRM-free purchases from their storefront.

Beta sign-ups are available now for GOG Galaxy 2.0. Look for the update to hit all users in the weeks ahead.

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