How to change appearance in Dauntless

Learn how to change your appearance in Dauntless after you've already created your character.


After you create your character in Dauntless, you’re sent off into the wide world of the Shattered Isles to find Behemoths and hunt them down. If you’re unhappy with the appearance you’ve chosen, though, you aren’t stuck with it like in many other RPGs available these days. You can actually change appearance at any time in Dauntless, allowing you to mix and match how your character looks whenever it pleases you.

How to change appearance in Dauntless

If you want to change appearance in Dauntless and mix up how your character’s face, eyes, hair, or even their body look, then you can do so at any time from Ramsgate. This is the town that you visit in between hunts and is the primary social hub area in Dauntless. When you arrive in Ramsgate, you typically load in facing a couple of vendors. If you look off to your right, you should spot a vendor named Gregario Flynt.

How to change appearance in Dauntless
The mirror you need to interact with can be seen to the right of Gregario Flynt.

Gregario is the main Hunt Pass vendor in Dauntless, and as such, he is someone you’ll become familiar with visiting quite often. When you look at Gregario standing there in front of his store booth, you can also make out a small standing mirror to the right of the NPC. This mirror is where you’ll go to change appearance in Dauntless.

Walking up to this mirror and interacting with it will allow you to change your character’s appearance completely. You’re thrown directly back into the main character creation system, which means you can change your Slayer’s hair, eyes, facial hair, face ship, or even their gender, all without having to pay any kind of in-game or out-of-game currency. It’s a nice little feature that really allows you to experiment and change up how your character looks without being roadblocked in any way.

Now that you know how to change appearance in Dauntless, be sure to head back over to our Dauntless guides hub for even more helpful content.

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