Mario Kart Tour closed beta times, dates, and sign-up

Learn more about when the Mario Kart Tour beta kicks off, when it ends, and how Nintendo is handling sign-up and access to the closed test on Android mobile devices.


Mario Kart Tour is slated to release for Android devices this summer, and Nintendo is ready to roll out a closed beta test. This limited-time beta is specifically for Android users with reasonably modern devices who pre-registered for the game following its reveal announcement. The closed beta is set to kick off soon, and we've got all the basic details concerning start and end dates as well as signup eligibility.

Mario Kart Tour closed beta | Start and end dates

The Mario Kart Tour closed beta test is meant to be a way for Nintendo to monitor how features are working ahead of the game's launch later this year. Set to run for about two weeks (a fortnight, if you will), the Mario Kart Tour closed beta test begins on May 22 and ends on June 4. Aside from these dates, no specific start and end times for the closed beta have been set.

Mario Kart Tour closed beta dates times signup Android
Can Mario Kart Tour live up to the legacy of Mario Kart 64? Closed beta participants will find out first!

Assuming users pre-registered for the game by the cutoff date, they may receive an email from Nintendo providing more details on downloading the beta client from the Google Play Store. Aside from a proper registration, the only requirements are an Android device running OS version 4.4 or later (that's Ice Cream Sandwich, a well old version of the operating system released in 2011) with at least 1.5GB RAM.

How to sign up for the Mario Kart Tour closed beta

As of the time of writing, signups for the Mario Kart Tour closed beta are now closed. In fact, they were never truly open to begin with: Being a closed test, Nintendo selected beta participants from a pool of users that satisfied four distinct requirements:

  • Pre-register for the game prior to May 7
  • Have a compatible Android mobile device
  • Live in the United States or Japan
  • Nintendo Account email address must be at Gmail domain and must match the Android user account email

Given that the pre-registration date has already ended, there's nothing users can do to jump into the upcoming beta test. Unless Nintendo decides to change the rules, it seems the window of opportunity has already closed. Fortunately, there's nothing stopping Big N from running another beta if it so chooses, and if it does, the participation requirements are likely to be similar.

The Mario Kart Tour closed beta test on Android devices is open to users who pre-registered by the cutoff date. Aside from that, the beta requirements are easily matched, asking for a reasonably modern phone with a decent amount of memory. Be sure to keep it tuned for more details about Nintendo's upcoming mobile kart racer by stopping by Shacknews' Mario Kart Tour home page. We'll be sure to report back if Nintendo decides to announce a beta test for iOS devices.

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