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3rd Overwatch Anniversary launches with free trial next week

Blizzard is preparing to launch the annual Overwatch Anniversary event next week, with anyone able to jump via a week-long free trial.


It feels like just yesterday that Blizzard released its team shooter into the gaming world. Now Overwatch is ready to celebrate its three-year anniversary and, as one might imagine, Blizzard has some grand plans for one of its cornerstone games. On Saturday, the publisher announced formal plans for the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event, which also includes a free trial that's set to kick off this coming Tuesday.

The Overwatch Anniversary event will introduce six brand new Legendary skins and three new epic skins, which will be formally unveiled throughout the coming week. On top of that, players will find new dance emotes for Baptiste, Ashe, and Wrecking Ball, the three newest characters released since last year's anniversary. Those looking to catch up with previous years' worth of cosmetics will be pleased to hear that the Overwatch Anniversary will bring back all seasonal skins, emotes, and other cosmetics from previous years.

Overwatch Anniversary

As for those looking for something to do during the Anniversary beyond the standard Overwatch gameplay modes, they'll find every single seasonal brawl returning to the Arcade. Different modes will rotate in and out daily, including the recent PvE Overwatch Archives - Storm Rising. If you missed out on a chance to experience that story, this is a second chance to jump in.

Simply logging in to Overwatch during the Anniversary event will reward players with a free special Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which will contain one guaranteed Legendary item. Speaking of free, Blizzard is offering up another week-long free trial, so those looking to jump in on Overwatch can do so from May 21-28. The free trial will be available on all platforms, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users able to queue up their downloads right now.

The Overwatch Anniversary event kicks off this Tuesday at 11AM PT, as does the free trial. Stay tuned to Shacknews, as we keep our eye out on the cosmetics that will be available during this week-long shindig.

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