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Raising Kratos full God of War documentary out now

The in-depth documentary that shows the struggles surrounding the development of the God of War reboot is now available on YouTube.


Fans of the latest God of War game were probably excited to hear about the upcoming documentary that the team at Sony Santa Monica teased a few weeks back. Titled ‘Raising Kratos’, the documentary is a two-hour feature that takes fans on an in-depth journey through the development troubles and trials that the team had to undergo to bring Kratos back and tell a new story that would engross people as much as the originals.

Raising Kratos full God of War documentary out now

Now available to watch via YouTube, and embedded in the article for ease of access, Raising Kratos explores the massive risk that Santa Monica Studio took in not only reviving their iconic hero, and then completely changing everything surrounding him. It was a harrowing choice in a last-ditch effort to revive the series, and the subsequent struggle that followed the decision to continue working on a series that people had grown tired of over the years.

The documentary is a very interesting look at just how difficult development can be, even in triple A studios, where some might believe that things are easier. In the documentary, Cory Barlog and the other members of the God of War development team talk about the choices they made, why they made them, and how these choices would shape the reimagining of one of gaming’s most iconic characters.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest God of War, the struggles facing the developers, or just interested in documentaries focused around gaming, then make sure you head over and check out the documentary for yourself. You can also return to our God of War hub for more content surrounding the latest chapter of Kratos’ life. You’ll also want to make sure you head over to Twitter and follow Shacknews, as we’re always posting new interviews, previews, news, and guide content to help you navigate the gaming industry with ease.

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