New PlayStation 4 revealed ahead of June Days of Play event

Sony has revealed a limited-edition PlayStation 4 that players can pick up to celebrate the Days of Play.


Today’s State of Play gave us a lot of insight into the current titles that Sony is pushing on the PlayStation 4, and even showed us a few new reveals to look forward to. If you’re a diehard PlayStation fan, or if you’re just looking to spiffy up your gaming collection, then Sony has a new limited-edition PlayStation 4 coming out that you’ll want to know about.

Revealed during the May 9 State of Play, the new Days of Play PlayStation 4 is a sleek, beautiful machine. It does away with the harder corners seen on earlier versions of the console, instead replacing them with slick, rounded edges. It also sportily shows off the iconic PlayStation symbols on the side, and comes in a dark, yet still stylish gunmetal gray.

 New PlayStation 4 revealed ahead of June Days of Play event

There’s no price point settled for the limited-edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 just yet, though if we had to judge based off of last year’s pricing, we’d wager it lands somewhere in the $349.99-$399.99 bracket. So, if you’re looking to pick up this beautiful piece of hardware, you should be ready to drop a few hundred bucks on it. There also aren’t any details on whether the limited version of the console has a larger than normal hard drive, or if it will ship with the default size found in the standard PlayStation 4.

While Sony hasn’t revealed when Days of Play will take place this year, we’ll continue to monitor things and make sure that we update you with any additional information that becomes available. For more info, be sure to stay glued to the official PlayStation website. You can also follow Shacknews on Twitter to keep up with the latest news, and head back over to our PlayStation 4 hub for all related content like games, special interviews, and more.

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