Nintendo details Direct, Treehouse, and esports at E3 2019

Here's what Nintendo fans can expect to see from the beloved company during E3 2019.


Those looking forward to what E3 has to offer will be pleased to hear that Nintendo has outlined their plans for the upcoming conference. Set to take place between June 11-13, Nintendo will provide several livestreams and other events during the conference.

E3 is looking a little sparse this year thanks to all the various companies dropping out and doing their own thing. That hasn’t stopped Nintendo from embracing E3 head on, though. Today they released details for the various Directs, Treehouse streams, and other events they’ll have going on during the conference.

Nintendo details Direct, Treehouse, and esports at E3 2019

As always, Nintendo is dedicated to providing a good experience for those who can attend the live show, as well as those who are stuck watching from the comfort of their homes. Nintendo’s E3 events will start off with a little bit of competition, closing off the esports season for 2019, and then making their way into coverage of their upcoming games.

Nintendo is planning to kick things off with the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019 at 11AM PT on June 8. They’ll follow this with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3 at 2PM PT on June 8. Come June 11, fans will be able to tune in to the Nintendo Direct at 9AM PT, which will be followed by three days of Nintendo Treehouse: Live, where Nintendo hosts will explore the various announcements and games that Nintendo fans have to look forward to.

You can head over to the official Nintendo website if you’re interested in seeing more of what the company has going on right now, as well as what they have planned for E3. We’ll be providing coverage of all the news coming out of E3 ourselves, so make sure you also follow Shacknews on Twitter for the most up to date coverage of the latest breaking news.

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