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Interview: Control inspired by Dark Souls & metroidvania games

Remedy is taking things off the beaten path in Control, their latest game which is inspired by Dark Souls and metroidvania titles.


Set to release sometime later this year, Control is the next game from hit studio Remedy, a company best known for its work on games like Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and the original Max Payne series. While the studio’s previous titles have all offered intriguing experiences, according to Thomas Puha, the Communications Director at Remedy Entertainment, Control is far different than anything the company has done before.

Interview: Control inspired by Dark Souls & metroidvania games

While catching up with Puha at the Reboot Develop Blue conference this year, we were able to learn a bit more about how they’re approaching Control, and even what inspired the game and its mechanics. According to Puha, Control has taken inspiration from several games and genres. Unlike previous games the studio has made—which usually act as a reaction to the last game they released—Control is all about embracing the weird and supernatural.

One of the biggest points that Puha drove home in our interview was that the company wanted to embrace things and just focus on bringing a gameplay driven experience that isn’t afraid to be weird and out of left field. In this day and age, it can be very tempting to focus on mainstream experiences that are expected to work. With Control, Remedy wants to create an experience that will intrigue and draw players in without sacrificing anything to try to work in the mainstream market.

Inspirations for the game include Dark Souls and even metroidvania games. Puha stated in our chat with him that the game is a lot more open world than previous titles they have created, which they believe will help make it stand out. You can check out the full interview with Thomas Puha in the embed above. Make sure you also subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube for more interviews and content like this.

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