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Tilted Towers & Retail Row could return in Fortnite Season 9

The latest tweets from the official Fortnite Twitter could be giving players hints of what's to come in Season 9.


Over the past few days, the official Fortnite Twitter account has released a series of images, teasing Fortnite Season 9. The latest season of the hit battle royale game is set to kick off this coming Thursday, and the three tweets have created a ton of speculation about what the new season could entail. Some even say that the new season could usher back the return of Tilted Towers and Retail Row, two iconic locations which were destroyed in the Season 8 unvaulting event.

The three biggest tweets that players need to pay attention to have all teased Season 9 with images and sayings. Each of the tweets has included an image as well as a saying, and it appears that with the latest Tweet we finally have a real clue.

Tilted Towers & Retail Row could return in Fortnite Season 9
Tilted Towers lies in ruins following the unvaulting event in Fortnite Season 8.

“The future is Tilted.” That’s the saying behind the latest image that the Fortnite Twitter has shared. In the latest image we can see a Fortnite character doing a piece sign, with what appears to be an “O” behind him. If you connect all three of the letters together, you get the full message, “NEO” as Twitter user @Atharva10900375 pointed out in a response to Donald Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games.

If you do a quick Google search of the meaning of the world “neo” it comes back to meaning new or revived form of. This has led many people to speculate that Titled Towers and possible Retail Row are making a comeback in Season 9. Donald Mustard also tweeted out recently, connecting the letters together, and even adding “From the ashes” as a response, further cementing this belief for many Fortnite players.

We’ve also seen players recreating Tilted Towers in Fortnite Creative, and some of those maps have even been featured on the official Fortnite Twitter. While there hasn’t been any official word, it’s definitely looking like Tilted Towers is returning when Fortnite Season 9 launches tomorrow. All that’s left to do now is wait and see how the location evolves and if Retail Row is included in this revival of sorts.

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