Red Dead Online's in-game catalog gets new clothing and more

The latest update for Red Dead Online brings new clothing options and an upcoming reward for players.


Red Dead Online continues to grow and progress as Rockstar expands the world, bringing more and more activities into the online portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. The latest update for the game includes some additions to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue, as well as an upcoming reward for players who have hit Rank 10 or above by Monday, May 13.

The latest items to join the clothing catalogue in Red Dead Online include the new Owanjila Hat, the Manteca Hat, the Benbow Jacket, Porter Jacket, Woodland Gloves, and Tied Pants. All of these items are now available in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue for players to purchase today.

Red Dead Online’s in-game catalog gets new clothing and more
Players can pick up the new clothing items starting today.

On top of the new items coming to the clothing catalogue, players who have ranked up about Rank 10 will receive a $100 bonus directly to their account. This will allow players to purchase more items, as well as get a head start collecting all of the new clothing options that they can find in the clothing catalogue.

We’re sure that we’ll continue to see more updates like this, as well as the release of new activities and other events as the Red Dead Online beta continues forward. Those who have reached above Rank 10 should receive their bonus $100 by May 15. If you haven’t reached Rank 10 yet, then be sure to log on and start leveling up right now so you can pocket that extra $100 for any future purchases you might want to make in Red Dead Online.

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