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Kerbal Space Program announces new Breaking Ground DLC

The cute but challenging space management sim, Kerbal Space Program is expanding with the new Breaking Ground DLC.


Since it’s original release back in 2011, Kerbal Space Program has been one of the most interesting and challenging space management sims that I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Tasked with completing various contracts and jobs, players have to build up a space program, eventually exploring the stars beyond their planet. Now, developer Squad is looking to expand the game even more with the new Breaking Ground DLC.

Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground is all about experimenting, exploring, and pushing technological breakthroughs. To help you complete these new tasks, players will find even more features added to the game. One of these new features is Robotic Parts, which will allow players to craft new vehicles and contraptions that will allow them to explore the universe even more. Planets around the universe will also now feature various surface features, such as meteors, craters, and even mineral formations.

Kerbal Space Program announces new Breaking Ground DLC
Explore the heavenly bodies around Kerbin with new suits, equipment, and more in Breaking Ground.

You can also take measurements of a planet’s various specifications by deploying new seismometers and weather stations, giving you even more experiments to carry out in Breaking Ground. Kerbals will also find a brand-new suit available in their equipment, giving them an even sleeker look as they explore the heavenly bodies surrounding Kerbin.

The Kerbal Space Program is expanding quite a bit thanks to Breaking Ground, and aspiring Kerbal experts will find themselves able to purchase the upcoming expansion on May 30 for PC. The DLC will be available to purchase for $14.99 USD, though any players who purchased Kerbal Space Program through April 2013 will receive the expansion pack for absolutely nothing, per a promise that the developers made in the game’s early days.

Now is the perfect time to hop into the Kerbal Space Program and start building up your own space program as you explore the various planets and heavenly bodies around Kerbin. If you want to dive in right now, be sure to head over to the Steam store and pick the game up.

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