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Apple releases new Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard iPhone game

Apple and Warren Buffett have teamed up to release a new iPhone game paying homage to Buffett's history growing up as a paperboy.


iPhone users will now find themselves with one more avenue to waste their time, as Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard is now available for free on the Apple App Store. The app was first debuted during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting, where both Tim Cook and Warren Buffett kicked off the events by showcasing the game.

In Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard, players take on the role of a paper-delivery person who must work hard to deliver papers to the doorsteps of various buildings. The game begins in the country streets of Oklahoma, eventually transitioning to Cupertino, California—the city that Apple calls home. As players continue through the game, they must avoid birds, vehicles, and other obstacles as they fling papers at the doorsteps of various buildings and homes.

Apple releases new Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard iPhone game
Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard is now available for iPhone.

It’s a fun little experience that also features no built-in microtransactions. It’s also, notably, only the second time that Apple has released a game of their own on the iOS App Store. The previous game they released, a Texas Hold ‘em game, was discontinued several years ago. While this might only be their second foray into the world of gaming, it holds some significance to the tech giant as a symbol of the partnership that Buffett, Cook, and Steve Jobs have had throughout the years.

If you’re interested in trying out the new game and seeing what it has to offer, then you can head over to the iOS App Store and download it for free. As mentioned above, there are absolutely no in-app purchases for players to worry about, making the game completely free to play. It’s definitely a fun little timewaster to check into and is already receiving some solid reviews on the App Store.

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