World of Goo free on Epic Games Store right now

2D Boy's award-winning physics-based puzzler is now available for free on the Epic Games Store.


Originally released back in 2008, World of Goo still stands as one of the best contenders in the physics-based puzzler genre. Having brought home multiple awards, users on the Epic Games Store can now get the chance to test their mettle in this puzzler for absolutely no cost to them.

That’s right, World of Goo is the latest game to join the fray of free games on the Epic Games Store. Heralded as a classic in the physics-based puzzle genre, World of Goo now features updated graphics, making the charming game even more charming as you dive into it. It will be available for free until May 16, so make sure you log in to your Epic Games account and add it to your library before time runs out.

World of Goo free on Epic Games Store right now
Players can pick up the hit puzzler, World of Goo on the Epic Games Store for free until May 16.

Back in 2017, World of Goo made the jump to Nintendo Switch, giving players even more ways to enjoy the classic puzzler. If you’ve never played World of Goo, then you’re missing out. The gameplay is quirky, and the overall features of the title make it a joy to dive into and spend hours playing. It’s also astounding when you take a look back at the game’s development.

Developed by 2D Boy, World of Goo was created, designed, and completely engineered by just two people. It’s a huge deal considering the overall breadth of the title, as well as the way that it handles physics as a whole. Make sure you don’t miss out on this classic puzzler and download it from the Epic Games Store before its limited-time free run ends.

World of Goo is just the latest title to join the list of titles that have appeared for free on the Epic Games Store. While Epic Games has received quite a bit of criticism over the past few months concerning their deals and the way they handle their store, it’s always nice to see classics like World of Goo being made available to even more users with free promotions like this. If you absolutely refuse to use the Epic Games Store, then you can still purchase World of Goo off of Steam.

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