Candy Crush players average 38 minutes of daily play time

Candy Crush Saga players spend about 38 minutes of play time on average in-game. That's a lot of candy-swapping.


Candy Crush Saga is still kicking butt and taking names, at least when it comes to keeping people on board playing it.

According to Activision Blizzard during its earnings call, it had 345 million monthly active users in the most recent quarter, with 41 million at Activision, 32 million at Blizzard, and 272 million at King.

King monthly active users were also up sequentially for the second quarter in a row, thanks to the Candy Crush franchise. Impressively, daily time spent per player across the Candy Crush franchise reached a new high, driving the King network to a record of 38 minutes. Don't get any crazy ideas that Candy Crush is going away or anything even close to that – it's definitely not the case.

Shacknews had a chance to sit down and chat with Candy Crush Saga developer King last year during the View Conference 2018 in Italy, where vice president Aaron Allport had a bit to say about the future of Candy Crush.

During the interview, Allport explained how the development team behind the new Candy Crush worked hard to stay true to the experience that originally made the colorful game such a hit, while also making a smattering of new improvements to the overall design. 

Moreover, the team found it important to take the franchise’s characters and flesh them out to make people feel more immersed in the game’s world. He also touched on King Game’s midcore offerings like Legend of Solgard to round things out.

The takeaway, then, from the earnings call? It's a Candy Crush world, we just live in it. This game is basically never going to stop being popular. 

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