Life is Strange 2 Episode 3 trailer teases one brother's power

Life is Strange 2 is barreling toward a conclusion. How will things end for the Diaz brothers?


Life is Strange 2's second episode originally debuted about four months ago, and now e've come around to the third episode's release. It's about to debut next week, and there's a new trailer to check out in celebration of the latest installment of the Diaz brothers' adventure.

This time around, it looks like we're going to get more than just a glimpse of some of the powers one particular character is capable of using, as if you couldn't tell from the thumbnail alone. It's all been leading up to this, and things are about to get super hairy. Hella hairy, as old Life is Strange protagonist Chloe might have said. 

The third episode of Life is Strange 2, titled Wastelands, is set to debut on May 9, according to a recent tweet by the publisher. Then, later on in the fall and winter, Episode 4 will debut on August 22 and Episode 5 will wrap the story up on December 3. It looks like there's still a ways to go to see what happens to the Diaz brothers at the end of the road, but luckily that also means we'll get to spend more time with them, just stretched out over a few months.

Life is Strange 2 opted to turn away from established characters like Max and Chloe and instead introduced the Diaz brothers, who are affected by a life-changing event that forces them to flee from their homes. It's a harrowing story with plenty of hard decisions to make every step of the way, with what we can only surmise will be an emotional climax when the story comes to a close. 

Previously, our own Ozzie Mejia reviewed the first and second episodes of Life is Strange 2, and he came away with a slightly lukewarm reception.

"The Life is Strange 2 narrative still hasn't quite won me over," he wrote. "While I've cooled off on certain plot points, with the story capably explaining why the two kids can't simply stay with family to try and fight what's happening, there's still something about the ultimate goal that feels unsettling. And it's something that to me, as someone of Mexican descent, still feels like it has a slightly racist undertone to it. However, as a tale of two brothers, Life is Strange 2 is faring well, with Rules acting as a strong chapter in Sean and Daniel's journey."

Be sure to let us know what you think of the newest episode when it finally hits! We've been enjoying Life is Strange 2 a lot (at least I have), and can't wait to see where it goes next. 

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