Team Sonic Racing - Sonic and Shadow vehicle customization

Check out the available vehicle customization choices in Shacknews' exclusive Team Sonic Racing video, showcasing the game's vast array of cosmetic options.


No modern kart racing video game would be complete without a host of customization options, and in that regard Team Sonic Racing does not disappoint. Shacknews was recently able to get a firsthand look at the upcoming racer from Sega and Sumo Digital, including a more in-depth examination of vehicle cosmetics. From colors to finishes and more, check out the vehicle customization and cosmetic options found in Team Sonic Racing in the video below.

As can be seen in the video above, the vehicle customization and cosmetic options available in Team Sonic Racing are considerable. The vehicles themselves have four separate color options all set within a specific user-selected theme, and though the color choices are locked within those themes, there are loads of different surface options that help set the karts apart. Players can mix and match two-tone paint options, metal flake, matte, glossy, the works — even dingy plastic is available as an option.

Once a proper color scheme has been chosen, vinyls can be applied to several different parts of the kart in question. Like with body components, vinyls can be set to a themed set of colors, each of which being specially mapped for each kart. To top the whole package off, players can also choose from a selection of different horns to get opponents out of the way or just send a friendly reminder of who's the boss after a well-executed pass.

Overall there are 28 different color schemes to choose from, with many of them being based on specific Team Sonic characters. Others, like the Studiopolis Theme, are based around many of the tracks featured within the game. Of course, some of them will need to be unlocked before they can be used, which also appears to be the case with kart glow options, the likes of which become available after glow parts have been equipped.

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