Valve to release flagship VR game later this year on SteamVR

Valve will be bringing a flagship VR game out later this year on SteamVR, though there aren't many details about what kind just yet.


Valve Index is bringing high-fidelity VR to the masses, and along with it, it's bringing a new flagship VR game.

There weren't many details on what to expect out of said flagship game, but it will be compatible with any system that supports SteamVR. It isn't clear just yet if we should be looking forward to a game taken from Valve's iconic history of video games, or if this is going to be a new IP entirely. There are several different Valve games that would make perfect entries for VR, and it would be interesting to see how the company might handle those titles.

But what of the headset itself? What's going on with that? As the Valve Index joins the virtual reality headset market, Valve has begun to reveal several tidbits of information about its upcoming marketing bid, including information about the price and release date of its newest product.

We have a full writeup on everything you can expect out of the headset's specs, performance, and other planned inclusions for the device as well if you're interested in soaking up all the knowledge you can about that. 

If you're interested in hopping on board, the Valve Index VR HMD will run $499 alone and will come in a bundle with new trackers and Knuckles controllers for $999. Preorders will begin on May 1 for those in the United States and Europe, with a July 1 release date. That's the projected release date, anyway, so hopefully we'll see it come to fruition.

As far as a projected release date for the flagship Valve title for the Valve Index, the only real timeline we have right now is simply "later this year." As additional details on the game roll out, we'll be sure to keep you posted and up on all the latest developments. We're prepared for it to be something that's potentially very cool, and we'll want to bring you the news as soon as possible.

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