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Skybound interview: Dan Murray talks licensed game publishing

Shacknews caught up with Skybound's Dan Murray at this year's Reboot Develop Blue conference to talk about the company's game publishing efforts.


Skybound Entertainment is largely recognized as the company behind The Walking Dead. So when Telltale Games went under and seemingly took the final episodes of The Walking Dead video game along with it, it stood to reason that Skybound's gaming branch would step in to save it. And save it they did, with Skybound recruiting a handful of the game's developers to see Clementine's story through to the end.

Shacknews recently caught up to Skybound Interactive President Dan Murray at this year's Reboot Develop Blue conference to talk about Skybound and its work with licensed games. Murray discusses the 505 Games pedigree that includes recruited talent from publisher 505 Games and other hungry talent looking to get their gaming stories out there. Murray discusses some of the recent additions to the Skybound library, including The Long Dark and Slime Rancher, and the formal launch of Skybound's publishing arm at this year's PAX East.

Skybound has been a busy company over the past year. Just today, the publisher announced that it was working on The Walking Dead: The Definitive Edition, which collects every single episode of Telltale's Walking Dead ever created. In addition to bundling four games together, it'll also come with digital bonuses, physical collectibles, and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes content. Orders are now open for the collection, though the $349 Signature Pack that includes a signed art print from the game's voice actors and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman are all sold out.

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