Fortnite World Cup Creative to feature $3 million prize pool

The upcoming Fortnite World Cup Creative will feature a massive $3 million prize pool.


The Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifiers first began on April 13, and they'll be ending with the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City this July.

The Fortnite World Cup is part of Epic Games' $100,000,000 commitment to competitive play it had previously pledged for 2019, but if you're thinking the only thing that matters is competitive play, that's where you'd be wrong. That massive prize pool now includes Creative challenges.

Epic Games has announced the Fortnite World Cup - Creative mode, which gives players additional ways to win. There are five events with five different Creative trials, all built by different community Creators. Fortnite World Cup Creative's five events all all be focused on a new Creative game. There will be 15 participants selected to face off in a Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals for the chance to win part of a $3,000,000 Creative prize pool.

There will be five showcase events taking place from April 29 through June 7, and each week you'll get a chance to try out the newest Creative trial. Players are asked to submit their best clips using the hashtag assigned or that week on YouTube. Fortnite "captains" from Epic Games will choose the top submissions as winners, who will go to New York City to participate in the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finale.

The first trial will be built and judged by Cizzorz and can be followed online throughout the event. If you're interested in participating, you'll want to make sure you follow Fortnite's social channels for additional updates. We'll keep you abreast of all the happenings as well. If nothing else, this announcement should give you hope if you're not a competitive player – just make something cool in the hopes of winning!

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