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Hearthstone (Ig)Noblegarden event offers two free card packs

Looking for more free stuff to help you through this new Hearthstone Standard year? Hearthstone's Nobleg... er... Ignoblegarden event has begun!


Hearthstone has recently kicked off the Year of the Dragon. That means a new Standard year has begun and a new expansion has released. Rise of Shadows offered up a handful of freebies for the new, veteran, and returning Hearthstone player. But that still may not be enough for more casual players to keep up with the meta. Fortunately, Hearthstone's "Ignoblegarden" (a twist on the annual Noblegarden) event provides another new opportunity to pick up some free stuff.

Hearthstone's Ignoblegarden means that players can log into Hearthstone anytime from now through April 21 to pick up some treats. All players will receive two free Boomsday Project card packs, alongo with two golden Mechano-Egg cards.

Hearthstone - Mechano-Egg

(5) Mechano-Egg (0/5)
Type: Minion - Mech
Class: Paladin
Rarity: Common
Deathrattle: Summon an 8/8 Robosaur.

Mechano-Eggs are decent tools for the Mech Paladin, albeit one seldomly seen in the current meta. The cheese is that it'll summon an 8/8 Robosaur upon death, so board clear plays like Wild Pyromancer and Equality ensure that the Paladin player won't end the turn empty-handed. The egg can also be combined with a handful of Magnetic minions, which will play nicely with Kangor's Endless Army.

So why is this year's event called "Ignoblegarden," anyway? It's because Dr. Boom has taken over this year's Noblegarden Tavern Brawl. The usual eggs have been replaced by Boom Bots, which promise to make this Brawl an explosive affair. Look for more information on all the ins and outs of Ignoblegarden on the Hearthstone website.

Do you still want more free stuff? Fotunately, today is also the first day to Choose Your Champion for the upcoming HCT World Championship 2019. Hearthstone is set to crown a world champion next weekend and you can select any one of the 16 competitors and cheer them on to victory. You'll receive one free Rastakhan's Rumble card pack for each of their wins next weekend. Once you choose, your selection is locked, so be careful. It might be worth doing some research, because the competitive meta has changed a lot in the past three weeks. The 2019 HCT World Championship is set to run from April 24-28, live from Taipei.

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