Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package gets Switch trailer

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is bringing the zany antics of the Saints to Switch, and there's a debut trailer out ahead of its May release.


Publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition have released a debut trailer for Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, releasing on Nintendo Switch.

The game will bring the Saints to the Switch for their first time on a portable console, following one of the craziest chapters in the Saints Row saga out there. Here's Deep Silver's official description:

"Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name. The Syndicate, a legendary criminal fraternity with pawns in play all over the globe, has turned its eye on the Saints and demands tribute."

If you've never played a Saints Row game, you're in for a real treat. In many ways, it eclipses the Grand Theft Auto series in terms of hilarity and over-the-top silliness. If you're looking for realism, keep walking. But if you want to wear a gimp suit and beat enemies to death with a giant sex toy bat, this is the series for you.

We previously reviewed Saints Row: The Third when it first debuted. Here's what we thought about it:

"Saints Row: The Third is a surprisingly fun ride, and really shouldn't be missed by fans of open-world mayhem. It takes the concept of subtlety, sets it ablaze, stuffs it in a cannon, and then fires it into a pile of blow-up sex dolls while nuking it from orbit. The all-out insanity and variety of the experience far outshines its minor shortcomings. The Third time's the charm, and raucous good fun."

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is due out for Switch on May 10, so mark your calendar. Just don't be surprised if you want to come back for the fourth game after you finish this one up.

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