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Apex Legends update 1.1.1 patch notes buff Caustic & Gibraltar

The bigger boys are the focus of Apex Legends update 1.1.1, with Respawn giving them a little help to accommodate their larger frames.


Apex Legends continues to captivate battle royale audiences with its unique cast of characters and its distinct takes on the genre. Season 1 recently kicked off, but developer Respawn is just getting started and has issued a major patch to make this season of competition a little bit more interesting.

Apex Legends' 1.1.1 patch is focusing on the bigger boys. There is no size shaming to be found here, as Respawn is finally dealing with the bigger hitboxes on Pathfinder, Gibraltar, and Caustic caused by their... er... bigger proportions. But that's just the beginning. Giraltar and Caustic are getting a little something extra in this patch to help them stay competitive.

Apex Legends - Caustic

"We don't believe that hit box and character kit tuning is sufficient to bring Gibraltar and Caustic in line with their smaller competitors," Respawn Community Manager Jay "Jayfresh" Frechette said on r/ApexLegends. "Starting with Patch 1.1.1, Gibraltar and Caustic will get a new perk added to their passive - Fortified, which reduces damage taken by 10%. Over the week or two following this change, we will be watching how they perform with this additional protection and aggressively tune it if they are still underpowered relative to their size. Our goal is to ensure both Legends are viable picks by the end of this process."

Here are the specific changes for Gibraltar and Caustic:


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Gas Damage per tick increased: 1 -> 4
  • Ultimate Throw distance increased: 28 meters -> 33 meters


  • Fortified Passive Perk added: reduces damage taken by 10%
  • Gun Shield health increased: 50 -> 75

Other changes center around long-range weapons, with Respawn specifically tweaking the sniper set. Leg shot damage reductions and sniper weapon sway are being toned down to make shooting at range just a little friendlier. The Longbow DMR is also getting an update, with an increased fire rate and magazine size. Here are the specific weapon changes:

G7 Scout/Triple Take/Longbow DMR

  • Lowered leg shot damage reduction: 25% -> 10%
  • Reduced base weapon sway by about 33%
  • Reduced base sway speed by about 25%

Longbow DMR

  • Increased fire rate 1.2 -> 1.6
  • Increased magazine size
    • Base mag increased: 5 -> 6 rounds
    • Common mag extender increased: 6 -> 8 rounds
    • Rare mag extender increased: 8 -> 10 rounds
    • Epic mag extender increased: 10 -> 12 rounds


  • Increased base magazine size: 25 -> 32 rounds
  • Charge Beam
    • Reduced cost per shot: 5 -> 4
    • Increased close range damage: 55 -> 60
    • Increased damage at range: 45 -> 50
    • Close range damage falloff increased: 35m -> 75m
    • Ranged damage falloff increased: 75m -> 125m


  • Reduced magazine size
    • Base mag reduced: 6 -> 4 rounds
    • Common mag extender reduced: 8 -> 6 rounds
    • Rare mag extender reduced: 9 -> 8 rounds
    • Epic mag extender reduced: 12 -> 10 rounds


  • Reduced base damage: 20 -> 18
  • Magazine extender attachments reduced
    • Common mag extender reduced: 45 -> 40 rounds
    • Rare mag extender reduced: 55 -> 45 rounds
    • Epic mag extender reduced: 60 -> 55 rounds

Gold Havoc

  • Now has Turbocharger
  • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site
  • Gold R301
  • Now has 1x-2x variable holo site
  • Gold Wingman
  • Now has digital threat

Those looking to get ahead on Apex Legends or for anyone who needs to make up for lost time, the time to get bonus Battle Pass XP is right now. Players can get a full bonus Battle Pass Level for their first daily Top 5 finish from now through Thursday. While that's just a short two-day window, Respawn also promises to add more opportunities for Battle Pass XP bonuses.

The full patch notes can be found on r/ApexLegends. If you're just getting started on Apex Legends, be sure to check out our game guides, tips, and strategies and get yourself in the game.

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