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Twitch Sings karaoke-style experience now available on PC

Sing your heart out with Twitch Sings and its unique twist on karaoke for streamers.


Twitch has released its first game for streamers to participate in, and it's something you may not have been expecting.

It's a karaoke game called Twitch Sings, a free experience developed from the ground-up for live streaming. With an enormous catalogue of thousands of songs at launch, it allows streamers and their communities to make creative musical collaborations together with one star taking the stage and belting his or her heart out.

Viewers can participate by requesting songs, cheering to activate special ovations with light shows, and send singing challenges to streamers in the middle of their performances. You don't have to grab the mic to take part, as the audience is just as much a part of the stream as the star is. Streamers can go live directly from the Twitch Sings interface, utilize the same Twitch social features they're used to, and opt for solo or duet options as well.

There are even fun avatars to use onstage that singers who aren't so keen on using their real face can use instead of appearing live onscreen while delivering their riff on popular karaoke tunes, with more being added to the catalogue every week.

"Twitch Sings unites the fun and energy of being at a live show with the boundless creativity of streamers to make an amazing shared interactive performance,” said Joel Wade, Executive Producer of Twitch Sings. "Many games are made better on Twitch, but we believe there is a huge opportunity for those that are designed with streaming and audience participation at their core."

If you're more interested in communicating and spending time with your audience on Twitch than you are streaming a game they can only really watch, Twitch Sings is for you, especially if you're a fan of games like Rock Band or Singstar. It's pretty fully-featured for a Twitch game, and it looks like it might be pretty fun, if you're into streaming, anyway.

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