Hitman 2 2019 roadmap introduces four new locations

The Hitman 2 2019 roadmap will introduce players to Hantu Port, The Bank, The Prison, and The Resort, among a plethora of other new content.


Hitman 2 has big plans for 2019, including four new locations broken down between main Hitman 2 levels and new sniper maps. These are in addition to other extensive content plans throughout the spring, summer, and fall, seeing Agent 47 get his lethal hands on new weapons, outfits, and special assignments.

Hitman 2 2019 roadmap

Hitman 2 2019 roadmap

The planned content for 2019 is broken down by season and by access. Players can expect updates to the game during spring, summer, and the fall, but some of that content will require the Gold Edition, while other content will be free for anyone who owns the title.

Most notably, IO Interactive will introduce four new maps for players to enjoy:

  • Hantu Port sniper map
  • The Bank location
  • The Prison sniper map
  • The Resort location

While the 2019 roadmap is filled with content, it’s just scratching the surface. Hitman 2 will also get the same live weekly content, elusive targets, challenge packs, community escalations, and featured contracts for those that can’t get enough of the assassination world.

If you haven’t tried Hitman 2 out yet, Shacknews’ own Kevin Tucker reviewed the game favorably. Enjoy an excerpt from his Hitman 2 review:

Hitman 2 is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. Players looking for a true stealth experience with frequent content updates would be wise to consider adding it to their collection, as the Hitman 2 2019 roadmap looks to keep Agent 47 busy.


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